Ro Ro Shipping

BV Forwarding can help you with the transport of all kinds of rolling materials.  This involves the following goods:

  • Cars
  • Trucks / dump trucks
  • Wheeled and Tracked units
  • Mafi-trailer cargoes

For cars we both ship these by container as well as by a RoRo dedicated vessel.  It depends which volume is to be shipped and which freight is more suitable.  This is both for new cars, second hand cars as well as collectibles.

Other wheeled units and tracked units, BV Forwarding ships these by RoRo vessel or as break-bulk cargoes.

Small and bigger statics are being put on mafi trailer.  Depending on the weight and the dimensions, BV Forwarding will decide if the cargoes can be shipped by mafi trailer, by container or as break-bulk.

Roro vessel 6 Reduced
Main advantages of Roro Vessels
  • Units can be driven on board or off board
  • Loading and discharge process is very fast
  • The delivery on quay, collection at destination is simple, once local paperwork and charges have been paid.
  • By driving, there are less damages during the loading or discharge process
  • Lashing and Securing on board is being done on deck and is very easy and safe to apply
  • You have several RoRo services crossing the world, from US to Europe, Europe to Asia and Asia via Pacific to US or Australia.
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Main Hubs in Europe

The main Ro Ro Hubs in Europe are Zeebrugge (Belgium) and Bremerhafen (Germany).   You have other ports in Europe handling cars, but you risk of having your cargoes being transhipped in one of the main hubs in order to reach your final destination.  This is mainly the case, if you are shipping from 1 continent to another one.

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Use of Mafi Trailers

Mafi-trailers are similar to flat racks, but then on wheels.  This makes it easy to put statics onto the mafi and roll the mafi on board the vessel.  Depending on the volume and the size, some statics remain on top of the mafi trailer during the sea voyage.  While smaller statics are taken off and being put on deck of the vessel by the use of forklifts.

Send us your details, packing list, POL, POD and we will check the best way for transporting your project cargoes.

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