Door to Door – Forwarding

Next to our services for transport by sea or by air, BV Forwarding also offers:

  • pre- and on-carriage services
  • additional cargo insurance
  • road transport and exceptional transport
  • barge and rail transport, depending on the final destination
  • quality inspections and control
Door to door services

BV Forwarding offers an all-inclusive transport and documentation chain, as from the moment of pick up until the moment of delivery.  This includes different services such as:

  • Pick up at the place of collection
  • Arranging the paperwork
  • Having an additional cargo insurance for the full transport
  • Delivery to the port of loading
  • Arranging the transport by sea
  • Collection at the port of destination
  • Have the customs clearance arranged at both sides
  • Delivery to the final destination

This service is being offered for goods moving between 2 different areas or countries, which are not necessarily on the same continent or from your own continent.

Personal approach

BV Forwarding is a small company, where a personal approach and follow up of every customer is the main importance.  We know how frustrating it can be, not to receive an answer or to have the feeling you are not been taken seriously as a customer.

We strive to do better and to find the best possible service and solution for every transport to be executed.

Cargo Insurance

One of the most overlooked things in transport is the Cargo Insurance.  In times, where transport rates are so high, parties have a tendency to overlook the extra cost for insurance.

Having an extra cargo insurance for the transport, will help and protect you against the minimum reimbursements of shipping companies.  These mainly even do not cover the cost for your transport, so definitely not the damages towards your cargo.

BV Forwarding has several contacts in countries worldwide, where we offer to our customers an additional insurance for goods to be transported.

This is as well for goods moving by road, river, rail or sea.

Do contact us for more information.

Safe & Secure

You benefit from our experience in delivering effective solutions to the complex global supply chains of some of the world’s biggest corporations.

Timely Delivery

With the known time schedule for delivery, BV Forwarding is doing it utmost to keep the time of transport in a reasonable matter.

24/7 Support

You can always contact us for support. In addition we deliver, through our experience, full explanation of what we do before, during and after transport.