Reliable logistics partner in Vietnam

A lot of people think arranging your logistics in Vietnam is similar to China.  This is not correct.  In Vietnam, things move slower and are less straightforward.  A reliable partner is needed to help you work around these different issues.

The origin can be found in different reasons, such as lack of decent infrastructure, lack of planning from the factory or intermediary side and as last a problem in communication.  Vietnam is a fast growing economy, but at this stage it remains a developing country.

Therefore working with a local company in Vietnam, who knows how things work, who can arrange matters in a proper way, for a correct price is a minimum requirement for doing business in Vietnam.  It will save you a lot of headaches along the learning curve of doing business in Vietnam.

It is a necessity to work with local people if you want to have a correct and smooth operation in Vietnam.  BV Forwarding is your perfect partner, a local approach and an European communication!

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